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2020 我们遇到了前所未有的COVID-19 的疫情, 但是华大所有的教职员工, 家长和学生在疫情中表现了勇敢的抗疫精神, 顽强地与疫情进行了奋战, 随著网课的深入开展, 华大坚持了停课不停学, 使华大顺利地、完满地完成了2019-2020 学年。

5/10/2020 学校进行全校的网考, 不参加华大的学年考试, 不参加华大的补考, 将无法取得华大发放的成绩单。

对2020-2021 学年的招生, 目前华大已经开展了网招, 希望家长抓紧为学生报名, 享受华大给予的学费优惠。 暑假以后, 等疫情稳定, 我们将在Lowell 开放给家长进来报名, 学生的成绩单、毕业证书、AP证书与义工证书, 到时也欢迎家长和学生前来领取。

暑假在Lowell 招生的时间和地点一旦定下来, 我们会向家长和学生公布, 敬请关注。 谢谢大家!

In 2020, although we have encountered the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, all of Huada’s teaching staff, parents, and students have shown tremendous courage in fighting the war against this virus. As online learning developed, Huada has stopped classes but learning continued, and we have fully completed the 2019-2020 school year.

We will host online final exams on May 10th. If a student does not take the online exam (or take a substitute exam), Huada would not be able to issue him a report card.

Regarding enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year, we have currently opened our online enrollment and we encourage parents to take advantage of the discount period. After the summer, when we will hopefully see the pandemic stabilize, we will be at Lowell to allow parents to come enroll, pickup student report cards, graduation certificates, AP certificates, and volunteer certificates.

We have not finalized the summer enrollment hours at the Lowell campus but we will definitely announce the confirmed times to parents and students as soon as possible. Please stay tuned. Thank you to all.

Huada Chinese Academy Administration