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Huada Chinese Academy Summer Enrollment information

疫情期间, 我们仍继续办理2020-2021学年的招生手续。欢迎家长们前来华大招生摊位为孩子们报名。 During the summer break, we continue enrolling students for the 2020-2021school year. Parents may come to Huada and start enrollment for your children.

暑期招生时间 (Enrollment Dates) :8/16,8/23 (total 2 Sundays) 上午10: 00am至下午4: 00 pm (From 10 am to 4 pm)

新生有意报名的家长,请先替学生上网注册登记,方便我们现场处理。 For parents of new students, please first register on our website.

注册登记网址 (School Website) :www.huadachinese.com

暑期招生地点 (School Enrollment Location) :三藩市日落区洛威尔高中教学楼的学生饭堂 天井(请由学校教学楼大门进入) Inside Lowell H School’s cafeteria (Please enter through the main entrance)

今年招生现场我们处理(We will perform the following services at the enrollment site):
•办理新旧生的招生事宜。Process new Student Enrollment
•发放2019-2020学年的成绩单Distribute 2019-2020 student report cards
•发放2019-2020学年的小学以及中学的毕业证Distribute 2019-2020 elementary graduation certificates
•发放2019-2020学年AP班证书Distribute 2019-2020 AP class certificates
•发放2019-2020学年义工证书Distribute 2019-2020 Volunteer certificates
•发放已经报名学生的新学年课本Distribute textbooks for enrolled students

想获取更多有关这方面的资讯, 请查阅学校给予的电邮。 我们期待与家长们在注册日见面。
For more information, please check with the school mail we sent to you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the registration days.