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请查阅2021-2022 学年招生资讯
Click here for 2021-2021 Student Enrollment Brochure

今年的八月一日, 华大校方准备在Lowell‘s bungalow opening yard 举行今年的第二次招生工作, 招生的具体位置请见下图, 另外我们也已经放在学校网页上, 欢迎查阅校网_ huadachinese.com. 特别一提的是, 招生的费用仍然保留开学前的优惠价格, 与第一次(5/30/2021)完全相同, 欢迎家长按时前来替孩子们报名。 This year on August 1st, the Huada staff will host the second enrollment event at Lowell’s bungalow opening yard. The specific location is detailed in the images below; in addition, we have already posted this information on our website (www.huadachinese.com). We have decided to extend the discount period so fees will be the same as they were during the first event (on 5/30/2021). We warmly welcome parents to come enroll their students.

8/1/2021 招生时间: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Enrollment Date: August 1, 2021, 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

招生地点: Lowell ‘s bungalow opening yard
Enrollment Location: Lowell’s bungalow opening yard

The following photo shows how you should enter Lowell’s back gate: