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Huada 2017-2018 Enrollment Has Started!!

1) 今年将(3 月12日) 起更改为夏令时间。 因此华大也跟随新的夏令时间上午8: 30am 准时上课。 请老师们和家长们注意到夏令时间的改变, 督导孩子们依时返校。

This year, DST starts on Sunday (March 12th). Huada will observe the time change and continue to start at 8:30 am promptly in DST. We ask that teachers and parents be aware of the DST time change and have students arrived at school on time.

2) 今年复活节的重要日期是(04/16/2017), 华大校方也意识到, 它是西方的一个非常重要的节日。 但由于华大租用三藩市公立学校的校舍办学, 我们的上课日期与公立学校的时间安排不可能单独分隔开来, 因此凡是当天要参加宗教活动的学生, 请事先跟老师说明, 校方对已经请假的学生不作请假和缺课处理。

This year's Easter falls on 4/16/2017. Huada administration also realizes that this is an important holiday. However, because Huada's rental contract with the SFUSD follows the district's academic calendar and we are not able to have a separate day off. Therefore, if any students are to miss that day's religious activity, please tell the teacher. We will not count it as a leave of absence if students have asked to be excused on 4/16/2017.